Fireworks Ordinance

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Fireworks may only be used inside the Harrah City limits on July 3 & 4th. See the full ordinance below for detail.

As these proven personal injury attorneys inform us, the use, firing, igniting, lighting or discharge of fireworks within the city is unlawful except on July 3 and July 4 of any year and except those displays authorized by the city manager under control of qualified persons. It is unlawful to discharge, use, fire, ignite or light any bottle rockets or stick rocket in the city at any time or to discharge any fireworks from, across, or onto any road, street, or highway. (Ord. 2003-11, 11-6-2003.)

Main Street Community Garden
1. The Friends of the Park Foundation, sponsor of the Main Street Community Garden, is
the highest governing authority, and is represented by the garden committee.
2. Garden plots are assigned to one person only and are not transferable. Guests may
garden your plot, but the responsibility for membership fees, cleanup, and other duties
at the site will be the responsibility of the individual whose name is assigned to the plot.
3. Breaking any guidelines, terms and conditions is cause for exclusion from the garden
and loss of your plot.
If accepted as a gardener or the company in charge like , I will abide by the following guidelines, terms and conditions.
1. I use this garden at the sole discretion of Friends of the Park Foundation, Main Street
Community Garden. I agree to abide by its policies and practices.
2. I am responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of my plot. I agree to weed and
remove diseased plants, insect-infected plants, over ripe fruits and vegetables as well as
keep up with harvesting and other garden related maintenance. I also agree to maintain
the edges of my plot and the walk areas around the plot, including plants that protrude
in to the walk way, or weeds growing there.
3. I understand that the Garden Committee will be responsible for annual organic soil
amendments of all plots. I will not amend the soil without the approval of the Garden
4. I understand that my plot rental includes one set of hand tools (trowel and shovel), a
knee pad and one set of gloves that are kept on site in the potting shed. I will not
remove these items from the garden.
5. Per my agreement, I will have access to the garden and potting shed with a key to the 3
locks. I will not to share the key with anyone outside the current garden membership.
6. Guests and visitors, including children, may enter the garden only if I accompany them.
They must follow all guidelines, terms and conditions stated here. I will supervise my
children at all times when they are at the garden. I am solely responsible for the
behavior of any guests I bring to the garden.
7. I understand that pets are NOT PERMITTED inside the fence of the garden.
8. I understand that I must complete this commitment to participate form, that also
includes a Release of All Claims Waiver before any work in the garden can begin.
9. I understand that assignment of garden plots will be awarded by the Garden
Committee. Plot requests are processed according to the order in which the registration
forms and membership fees are received. A waiting list will be maintained for
applicants for whom no plot was available.
10. I will not grow any plant more than four feet in height that could affect the adjacent
plot’s access to sunlight unless it is cleared with the Garden Committee first.